Automated Homogenizers

Automated Homogenizers are perfect for researchers needing to homogenize/mix/blend a large number of samples per day. PRO Automated Homogenizer Systems allow for many samples to be homogenized simultaneously and/or during one processing run period, which reduces researcher time and labor involved in homogenizing as well as provides consistent results and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. PRO Automated Homogenizer Systems consist of two models, Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizer and DPS-20 Dual Homogenizing System.

 Multi-Prep and DPS-20
Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizer can process up to 6 samples at the same time within 5ml-50ml tubes

DPS-20 Dual Homogenizing System can perform mechanical & ultrasonic (sonication) homogenizing together or separately within 1.5ml-50ml tubes