4 Liter Bag - Lab Armor Beads

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  • Use with your water baths & ice buckets
  • Beads from solid recyclable metal
  • Amazing temp. range & thermal uniformity
  • Use less electricity with your water bath
  • Holds capped & non-watertight vessels
  • No accessories needed (racks,tube blocks)
  • Protected from Water-borne Contamination
  • Made in the USA


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Update Your Water Baths and Ice Buckets with Beads with Lab Armor Beads. Lab Armor Beads, by their design, provide a concurrent thermal and antimicrobial activity that efficiently shields the lab and personnel from invading organisms while thermally heating or cooling like water in any standard water bath, heat block or ice bucket. The Beads are formed from solid recyclable metal. Beads can transform a water bath into a smarter instrument that uses less electricity. A Beads can provide 4X less energy when set to 65 ºC and over 2X less energy at 37 ºC. Also, lab Armor Beads can eliminate the need for many of the germicides that are a common part of water bath maintenance. Germicides can accumulate in the water table from disposal during regular maintenance.

When you compare the cost of a lost set of experiments or even a few contaminated tubes of reagents and factor in the additional time spent on refilling the water bath, cleaning the water bath, and other expenses such as racks and bottleneck weights that you have to buy to go along with it, the difference in price between owning a Bead-filled water bath and a traditional water-filled bath clearly favors the Beads. And Lab Armor Beads are fully compatible with nearly all non-circulating, non-shallow, standard depth (>5" deep) water baths. Lab Armor has evaluated the most popular, recent model water baths.



4 Liters

Size & Weight

 ~ 5 – 8 mm      |      Height ~ 1 – 2 mm     |      Weight ~ 3.65 lbs per liter


  • Metal composition
  • Moisture and gas impermeable
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Smooth, rounded surface
  • Working temperature range is -80°C to 180°C


Lab Armor Beads is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact:

  • Recyclable
  • Non-toxic, non-vaporizing material
  • No daily requirement for biocide use – no gray water
  • Improves energy efficiency of standard water baths by over 50%