Custom / OEM Solutions

Custom Homogenizing Products
Don't see the homogenizing product you need?

PRO Scientific prides itself on working with our customers to ensure their homogenizer needs.  With knowledge of the industry that spans almost half a century and includes homogenizer patents, we know sometimes that an off the shelf homogenizing item doesn't work for every application.  In these instances, we work closely with our customer to create custom homogenizing equipment & systems for the most efficient & cost-effective homogenizing process.

Just some examples of custom homogenizing products are as follows:

  • Automated system complete redesign to be compact for a workstation, including single homogenizing method with intergrated chiller and additional features   
  • Altered generator probe tips and/or rotor knife design for unqiue samples within the food safety industry
  • Modification of the DPS-20 into a refrigerated, automated homogenizing system for integration into an automated liquid handling system
    • Complete custom generator probes for the waste water industry for more efficient homogenization of glass filter papers
    • Accessory add-ons, such as external digital speed control boxes

    OEM Integration
    PRO Scientific also supplies homogenizing products for various OEM systems. 

    Just some examples of OEM homogenizing products are as follows:

    • Simple label and housing color change for a specific product or product line 
    • OEM supply of homogenizing items for robotic homogenizing stations
    • OEM supply of homogenizing equipment for titration systems
    • OEM supply for industry specific market

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