37mm X 340mm Open-Slotted Generator Probe : large containers

Product ID : 02-37340
Price: $3,596.00


  • Recommended for very large containers*
  • Minimum sample volume is 3 Liters
  • High quality 316 stainless steel precision
  • Compatible with "EL" Benchtop Homogenizers
  • Made in the USA with a 2 Year Warranty


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PRO Quick Connect Homogenizer Generator Probes are manufactured out of 316 stainless steel for the utmost in chemical compatibility.   They are precision crafted with a very narrow clearance between the inner rotating shaft and outer tube/chamber, which allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you will get the results you want each and every time.  PRO Quick Connect Generators are designed to be anti-foaming in design and are very easy to take apart and clean between samples, a simple unscrewing of the top set screw allows for disassembly.  Appropriate cleaning procedures include chemically cleaning, autoclaving and flaming. 

Complete replacement parts for the generator are available, thereby extending the life of this valuable piece of equipment.

* Sample piece size and quantity will affect breakdown. Sample solid piece size should not be larger than the diameter of the generator probe.  For the most efficient homogenization of solids, the generator probe should be twice the diameter of the largest solid in the sample


Dimensions: 37mm x 340mm
Material: 316 SS & PTFE

Double Bearing Design: 

Unlike many of our competitor's probes, we have a double bearing design for strength & stability, providing for better performance, safety, and longer product life too. 

Our generator probe's rotor shaft component does not connect directly to our homogenizer's drive shaft like many of our competitor's equipment, as this is a major weak point in competitor's probe-to-homogenizer connection design, because it leads to wear/damaging their probes faster and eventually the drive shaft connection of their homogenizer too, which will require repair or purchasing of new equipment much sooner.

PRO Scientific's generator design eliminates the bending and flexing that occurs with our competitor's probes by our double bearing aspect. Also, our generator probe's rotor shaft component connects to the motor drive shaft thus allowing it to spin more freely and straighter.  It also ensures that the homogenizer generator probe is optimally locked into place during homogenization and eliminates or reduces the wear and damage to the probe and homogenizer's drive shaft.

All PRO generator probe components are available for replacement, thereby extending the life of the probe even longer. If you need assistance with your generator probe, please check out the Generator Probe Maintenance category or contact us.  

Please Note: This generator probe includes a mid-bearing.  All generators that are 120mm in length and longer contain a mid-bearing, which is located inside the generator approximately half way up the shaft. The mid-bearing must be lubricated by the sample/liquid during processing, therefore the sample volume should cover about half the length of the generator.


Please Note: Viscous samples will reduce max capacity.  Adding a Deflector Head to your Generator Probe will facilitate movement of your sample during homogenization and help increase max volume homogenization.

Please Note: 37mm X 340mm Open-Slotted Generator Probe is compatible with the PRO Benchtop Homogenizers. Best used with PRO Benchtop Homogenizers that have the Extra Length Stand. Minimum sample volume is 3 Liters.

Please review this large diameter generator probe warning.