High throughput homogenization

High throughput homogenization solutions from PRO Scientific

PRO Scientific offers several versatile high throughput homogenization options that provide cost-effective, safe batch processing without cross-contamination.

DPS-20 Two-Step automated high throughput homogenizer 

The DPS-20 System is a revolutionary homogenizing product in sample prep as it can automate mechanical homogenizing and/or ultrasonic homogenizing (sonication) all-in-one quiet, compact, and time-saving unit. Both homogenizing methods can be used together or separately, allowing full flexibility in the lab for different researchers having different processing needs. Capable of setting and storing up to 10 different programs as well as the option of two different rinse cycles for cross contamination concerns. Cooling Carousel Tube Rack allows for the use with cold beads, ice, or ice water.
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Multi-Prep Rapid automated high throughput homogenizer 

The Multi-Prep, rapid, automated, multi-sample homogenizing system is able to homogenize up to 6 samples at the same time in seconds. Includes capability to set and store up to 10 different programs by using digital display and keypad controls. Can accommodate standard tubes from 5ml to 50ml as well as perform automated tube oscillation and automated engagement & disengagement of Multi-Prep Probes.
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Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizer Package for high throughout homogenization

Multiple sample homogenizing can be time consuming and can create concerns of cross-contamination. PRO Multi-Sample Homogenizer Kit provides the most effective method for homogenizing multiple samples at a time within 1.5ml - 50ml tubes as well as it can eliminate cross-contamination concerns. 
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Custom high throughput homogenization options 

PRO Scientific prides itself on working with our customers to ensure their homogenizer needs are met.  PRO Scientific has worked as an OEM supplier of our both our handheld homogenizers as well as our automated homogenizers into larger 3rd party systems for high throughput homogenization. 

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