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Homogenizer Maintenance

Often when homogenization results change or efficiency decreases a key factor that impacted this was the maintenance and/or cleaning of the generator probe.

It is imperative that the probe be regularly taken apart and cleaned and wearing components like the lower bearing inspected. Additional generator probe maintenance can be found here and a full list of generator replacement parts is available online.

Homogenizer Maintenance   

  • The homogenizer should be given the care normally required for any electrical appliance.
  • Avoid wetting or unnecessary exposure to fumes.
  • The finish can be washed with water and soap or detergents, using a cloth or sponge.
  • Do not allow water to get inside the unit.
  • Allow drying before using.
  • When necessary replace motor unit brushes (not necessary on DPS-20 and SB-1 Homogenizers)
  • The generator requires liquid sample/medium to lubricate the bearings during processing.  If dry sample processing is needed, please contact a PRO Scientific representative to discuss using alternate materials for your lower bearing.
    •  Without the liquid, the PTFE bearings can burn out and cause damage to the generator itself


  • Never attempt to hold the lower end of the generator while the generator is attached to the motor.

  • Over-tightening the rotor knife onto the rotor shaft can result in breaking the shaft and/or distortion of the rotor knife.

  • Any servicing of the homogenizer motor unit, except brush replacement, should be performed by the PRO Scientific Service Department.

  • Use of any accessories or attachments other than those supplied by the manufacturer may be hazardous and voids all warranties.

  • The motor unit is supplied with sealed ball bearings and requires no additional lubrication. Any additional lubrication to the motor can result in bearing and/or motor failure.

  • Running a generator or chamber assembly without liquid media can cause damage to the bearings and consequently damage the generator.

Review your operating manual.

Please follow the instructions in the manual to ensure that you attach the generator/generator assembly properly to the motor unit. (Request a copy of your manual)

Regular maintenance and inspection/replacement of wearing generator parts is recommended and will thereby extend the life of this valuable piece of equipment.

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