PRO Scientific is a global leader in the manufacturing of laboratory homogenizers. 

PRO’s complete line of hand-held, post-mounteddigital benchtop and programmable homogenizers meet all your processing needs with the ability to homogenize various volumes (.03ml to over 40L) at speeds of up to 30,000 rpm.

 Through its precision crafted generator probe design, PRO users have been able to insure micro-processing of volumes as low as .1 ml.  In addition, PRO’s Safety Sealed Systems have afforded users the safe, non-aerosoling homogenization of pathogens and other sensitive materials.  The Multi-Gen 7XL, “the better alternative to disposable”, further complements the PRO homogenizer line as the industry’s only 316 stainless steel multi-sample processing package.  A variety of pre-selected homogenizing package kits are available based upon your application processing specifications and include everything you need to begin homogenizing.  Automated Homogenizing Systems are also available to solve the problems of multi-sample processing and streamline your lab.

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Keep your samples at ambient temperature with little to no heat emission.

When the correct plant homogenizing equipment is selected, most homogenization will take a 10-30 seconds.  This means, little to no heat will be emitted.  When there is a concern about samples being kept at sub-ambient temperatures, samples can easily be homogenized in an ice-bath or cooling bead bath.

Using a PRO Homogenizer for plant homogenizing is easy and convenient - there are no special tubes or beads to buy

Plant homogenizing with a PRO Homogenizer is easy!  Our PRO Quick Connect Generator Probes and our Multi-Gen 7XL Multi-Sample Generator Probes are compatible with a wide range of standard tubse and beakers so there is no need to buy and special beads or vessels, like when are bead-beating.  We have PRO Quick Connect Generator Probes to process in tubes as small as .5ml and up to multi-liter procesasing and our Multi-Gen 7XL Multi-Sample Generator Probes easily process in tubes from 1.5ml-50ml.  

PRO Scientific offer convenient homogenizing packages which include everything you need to begin homogenizing.

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Avoid cross-contamination between samples

When you are homogenizing a lot of samples at a time or need to avoid cross-contamination between your plant samples, a PRO Homogenizer  equipped with our Multi-Gen 7XL Multi-Sample Stainless Steel Probes are ideal.  The Multi-pack design reduces cross contamination risk, by allowing you to process each sample with a clean generator and eliminate cleaning between samples.  

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Here are just some of the many application references of plant homogenizing with a PRO Scientific Homogenizer:  

Tomatto, petunia and tobacco plants - PRO250 Homogenizer
Eucalyptus plant – PRO200 Homogenizer
Elodea and vallisneria – PRO Homogenizer
Prunus campanulata Maxim –PRO250 Homogenizer
Estuarine Spartina alterniflora and Juncus roemerianus – PRO200 Homogenizer
Tree spinach (Cnidoscolus spp.) – PRO Multi-Gen 7XL
Morus alba leaves – 
PRO D-Series Homogenizer

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