Multi-Sample Homogenizer

PRO Scientific Homogenizers offers a variety of options for Multi-Sample Homogenizing

Multi-Sample Homogenizer Package Kits 

Multiple sample homogenizing can be time-consuming and can create concerns of cross-contamination. PRO's Multi-Sample Homogenizer Kit provides the most effective method for homogenizing multiple samples at a time within 1.5ml - 50ml tubes as well as it can eliminate cross-contamination concerns. 
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DPS-20 Two-Step Homogenizing System

The DPS-20 System is a revolutionary homogenizing product in sample prep as it can automate mechanical homogenizing and/or ultrasonic homogenizing (sonication) all-in-one quiet, compact, and time-saving unit. Both homogenizing methods can be used together or separately, allowing full flexibility in the lab for different researchers having different processing needs. 
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Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizing System

The Multi-Prep, rapid, automated, multi-sample homogenizing system is able to homogenize up to 6 samples at the same time in seconds.
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