RNA DNA Homogenizer

RNA And DNA Sample Preparation Through Homogenization

PRO Homogenizers are ideal for RNA / DNA isolation

Sample disruption is a necessary early step in the isolation of RNA, DNA, and proteins.  PRO Scientific rotor stator homogenizers are an ideal physical method used to disrupt the sample since thorough homogenization of cells or tissues is an essential step in RNA isolation that prevents both RNA loss and RNA degradation.  The method of homogenization should always be tailored to the cell or tissue type, whereas most cultured cells can be homogenized by simply vortexing in a cell lysis solution, animal tissues, plant tissues, yeast, and bacteria often require more rigorous methods of disruption that a PRO homogenzier can provide. 

PRO rotor-stator homogenizer generator probes are precision crafted with a very narrow clearance between the inner rotating shaft and outer tube/chamber.  This allows for quick, effective and repetitive processing, meaning you will get the results you want each and every time. 

The variable speed of our homogenizers allows for the utmost control of your homogenization to ensure a high yield and fragment size.  

Our Multi-Sample Homogenizing Equipment & Systems such as the Multi-Gen 7XLDPS-20 and Multi-Prep ensure sample purity by avoiding cross contamination between samples.

Regardless of which PRO homogenizer setup is selected, most homogenization can be completed in a matter of seconds which eliminates heat production and ensures preservation of the sample.