5-250 µL 12-Channel Electronic Pipette

Product ID : L-1125-1
Price: $1,573.00


  • 5-250µL volume range with 12 Channel
  • Easy exact tip acquisition & discard
  • Ergonomic & elegant design
  • Contoured plunger and shape
  • High quality accuracy & precision
  • Ovation stands on its own
  • Effortless push-button controls
  • Made in the USA


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The multichannel Ovation® BioNatural Pipette features a unique tip acquisition system. An audible “click” signals the user when all tips are securely seated and it’s OK to begin pipetting – simply, reliably and worry-free. Every time. And when the pipetting cycle is complete, a gentle push on the tip eject button discards all tips simultaneously without effort. Every time. The Ovation multichannel has the same ergonomically-correct, comfort-driven design as other Ovation pipettes, with new electronic functions to meet the complex demands of repetitive procedures. Straightforward, simple programming coupled with reliable, consistent accuracy and precision ensures the integrity of your work is always achieved with uncompromised confidence.

Keep in mind that the Ovation line is specifically designed for ergonomically-correct pipetting – it’s shape naturally follows the contours of the palm, and allows the task of pipetting to be performed with a neutral posture and minimal muscular movement. Low hand and arm elevations ease stress in the shoulder and neck, and a stress-free wrist angle eliminates uncomfortable extension and radial deviation movements in the arm. Force, velocity and exertion from repetition or duration have also been neutralized. Pipetting is inherently a labor-intensive, repetitious task – but it doesn’t have to be fatiguing or painful. That’s something you can change with Ovation – the comfortable choice.

The Ovation line is proud to be made in the USA!

Includes power supply unit to recharge the pipette's battery

Acquire every tip – EVERY TIME
Positive feedback indicates every tip is securely seated and sealed - no manual manipulations are needed

Discard every tip – EVERY TIME
An energy-release system uses the force captured during acquisition to simultaneously discard all tips – at the gentle push of a button

Easy set-up and use of all functions
Multiple Dispense, Pipette, Reverse Pipette, Mix and Serial Dilute operations are available at user-selectable settings

Effortless pushbutton controls
Select liquid handling functions with just a single keystroke, including recall of stored volume settings












±0.8% at 250µL

±1% at 125µL 

±2.5% at 25µL

0.25% at 250µL

0.4% at 125µL 

1% at 25µL       

12-Channel Pipettor,