High Shear Lab Homogenizers

Looking for a disperser homogenizer for your homogenizing application?

PRO Homogenizers are ideal high shear disperser lab homogenizers 

PRO Homogenizers are considered Rotor Stator Disperser Homogenizers. These mechanical rotor-stator disperser homogenizers are considered to be high shear disperser homogenizers.  
PRO disperser homogenizers are used in a variety of fields for research, development, and testing including Life Sciences, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Industrial, Environmental, and many more. 

Provide consistent results

PRO rotor-stator homogenizer generator probes are precision designed to process various types of samples fast and efficiently through high-speed shearing to disperse, homogenize, lyse, emulsify, mix or blend. The variable speed of our homogenizers allows for the utmost control of your homogenization to ensure precise results.  


Keep your samples at ambient temperature with little to no heat emission 

Regardless of which PRO disperser homogenizer setup is selected, most homogenization can be completed in a matter of seconds which eliminates heat production and ensures preservation of the sample.

Are easy and convenient

No special tubes or beads to continuously buy. 

Provide no cross contamination

Our multi-sample homogenizing systems such as the Multi-Gen 7XLDPS-20 and Multi-Prep ensure sample purity by avoiding cross-contamination between samples.

A variety of high shear disperser lab homogenizer options

To help take the guesswork out of choosing a high shear disperser lab homogenizer, we have created a variety of PRO Homogenizing Package Kits.

These kits include everything you need to begin homogenizing PRO Rotor-Stator Homogenizers are available in Package Kits, Hand-Held or Stand Mounted, Digital Benchtop, and etc.

If you are unable to determine the proper rotor stator homogenizer for your application, please feel free to contact us directly for assistance.

However, when a preselected package would not be ideal for you, PRO Scientific has prepared some Homogenizer Selection questions to assist you in choosing a disperser homogenizer setup that would best suit your lab homogenizing needs. 

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