Multi-Sample Homogenizer Kit

Multiple sample homogenizing can be time-consuming and can create concerns of cross-contamination. PRO Multi-Sample Homogenizer Kit provides the most effective method for homogenizing within 1.5ml - 50ml tubes while avoiding carryover between samples.

With so many homogenizer options to choose from, let us help you quickly pick a high-quality homogenizer kit that includes everything you need to begin homogenizing. With over 25 years of experience, PRO Scientific knows what our customers need for their homogenizing applications. 

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Premium Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizing Package

Premium Multi-Gen 7XL Homogenizing Package, High-Speed Version

Bio-Gen PRO200 Homogenizer

Multi-Gen 7 Adapter

12-pack of Multi-Gen 7XL Probes

12-pack of High-Speed Multi-Gen 7XL Probes

Storage Case

In addition to our PRO homogenizer package kits, PRO has other homogenizing options that may fit your needs better. 
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