200-10000 µL Electronic Pipette (Macro10)

Product ID : L-1139-1
Price: $773.00


  • 0.2-10mL volume range
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Great alternative to serological or volumetric pipettes
  • Can use glass & plastic serological pipets
  • Fast, easy repeat dispensing
  • Excellent accuracy & precision
  • Ovation stands on its own
  • Effortless pushbutton controls
  • Made in the USA


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The Macro 10mL Ovation pipettes is fully electronic, providing a broad menu of liquid handling functions for rapid, precise and accurate dispensing, up to 50 times from a single aspiration. Volumes, speeds and repetition settings are easy to setup, store and instantly recall for pipetting, mixing, serial diluting or repeat dispensing. Ovation 10mL tips offer easy access into tubes, bottles and cell culture flasks. Standard, sterile and sterile filtered tips are available in several packaging configurations, including recyclable VistaClear™ boxes. When extra length is needed to reach the bottom of tall vessels, both Ovation pipette models can accommodate the use of glass or plastic serological pipets. This model requires a power supply unit (sold separately) to recharge the pipette's battery.

The Ovation line is proud to be made in the USA!

Includes power supply unit to recharge the pipette's battery

Large volume liquid handling with the convenience of disposable tips
A gentle push is all that’s required to acquire a tip, and touching a button ejects it –making large volume pipetting as easy and productive as any other liquid handling task

Electronic operation eliminates guesswork

Settings and speeds are easy to set, store and recall for the exacting performance your applications require. Pipetting functions include multiple (repeat) dispensing, pipetting, pipetting with delayed overblow, mixing, and serial diluting

Ovation pipettes stand on their own
There’s no need to worry about tip or counter contamination when its necessary to put down the pipette in the middle of a procedure

In-lab calibration made simple
Adjustments are easy when needed for different environmental conditions or liquid types – without tools! Returning to the factory calibration setting (or any setting) takes just the push of a keypad button


Volume Range







±0.6% at 10mL

±1% at 5mL 

±2.4% at 1mL

0.16% at 10mL

0.20% at 5mL 

0.30% at 1mL