12-Pack of 10mm Saw-Tooth Multi-Prep Probes : All Type of Samples

Product ID : 62-010MP-12
Price: $4,080.00


  • For homogenizing multiple samples
  • Advantages over plastic probes/tips
  • Durable 10mm saw-tooth design
  • Ideal for sample types, liquid to tough
  • Avoid risk of cross-contamination and cleaning in between processes
  • Made in the USA


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These Multi-Prep Probes have a 10mm diameter and saw-teeth design manufactured from superior 316 stainless steel and PTFE, which allows for cleaning with any lab method. For homogenizing of samples without cross-contamination and without the need to stop and clean each probe in between sample processes. 

Recommended for all types of samples, including sample piece sizes of 10mm or smaller for effective sample breakdown. Multi-Prep Probes are offered in a Multi-pack of 12. PRO Homogenizing Equipment is made in the USA.

For use in the Multi-Prep Rapid Homogenizing System