Lubricating grease

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  • Lubricating grease for centrifuge rotor trunnions.


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The rotor trunnions are small steel knobs located at the edge of a swing-out rotor and support the centrifuge buckets. During centrifugation, the buckets will swing on the trunnions causing friction. For best results, general maintenance and greasing of the trunnions will decrease the friction and allow for an even swing of the buckets.

A build up of friction between the bucket and trunnion can cause imbalance errors, increased noise and poor results. A bucket may not return smoothly, or "chatter", after a spin from lack of grease on the trunnion. The chatter can result in slight remixing or degradation of results.


To grease the rotor trunnions on a Hettich Centrifuge:

1) Only use Hettich grease (Cat. No 4051). Lubricate lightly using the Hettich grease at all metal to metal contact points between the buckets and rotor. If you apply too much, a small ring of grease will spin off onto the chamber wall of the centrifuge. This cleans up easily with a soft cloth and does not harm the centrifuge.

Over time, if the centrifuge appears to have a dingy or grimy look to it, this could be a sign that not enough grease is being used. The dingy look comes from the tiny metal particles that result from not enough grease and the resulting friction.

Best laboratory practices should include regular application of lube to the rotor and trunnions of all Hettich centrifuges. Cleaning and inspection should also be performed at scheduled intervals defined by the maintenance supervisor in each laboratory.